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The membership of the Association shall be those communities who have been elected to participate. Initially these shall be the towns of Henniker, New Boston and Weare. Additional communities may be added as members by majority vote of the members of the Board of Directors.



The affairs of the Association shall be managed by a board of as many directors as there are member communities, initially three, each of whose term of office shall be until replaced by the representative municipality. Each community’s Director shall be appointed by the Athletic Committee of the member town. Or if no such committee or its counterpart exists in that community, then by the Board of Selectmen for the member community or any other sponsoring organization recognized by the Board of Directors. A director shall be deemed replaced upon the Association receiving written notice from the community or sponsoring organization of nominations of the successor director.  

Additionally, the board of directors representing the member communities and sponsoring organizations may elect at-large board members. These at-large members will not have any vested interest in the operation of any particular program or team. The At-Large members will be elected annually. At-large members will be voting members of the board.  

Meetings of the Board of Director shall be held quarterly, or more often as called by the president. The President shall call a meeting if requested in writing by a majority of the Board of Directors.

At the last quarterly meeting in the calendar year, the Board of Directors shall, by a majority vote, elect four officers of the Association, namely, the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The At-Large members will also be elected at this meeting.  

The Board shall adopt such rules and regulations as it may deem appropriate. It shall have oversight of all league affairs, and shall have the final right of approval of the coaches, game officials, and any other personnel associated with the Association. Such approval may be withdrawn at the sole discretion of the board. Such rules and regulations shall be kept as part of the leagues official minutes.  



The Board of Directors shall be responsible for the financial affairs of the Association.  Each town or sponsoring organization shall be solicited for funding prorated on the basis of the number of teams fielded.  If a town or sponsoring organization does not provide its share of support, the number of its teams shall be proportionately reduced.

In the event of dissolution, the assets of the Association shall be divided equally between the number towns and sponsoring organizations.  



Duties of the President:    The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the organization, preside at all meetings, and be Chairman of the Board of Directors.  He shall call meetings as outlined above, and shall appoint and supervise the functions of the various committees.  

Duties of the Vice President:    The Vice President shall perform the duties of the President if for any reason the President is unable to perform his duties, and shall have the same authority as the President.  The Vice President should carry out all other duties or assignments as may be delegated by the President.  

Duties of the Secretary:    The Secretary shall keep an accurate and up to date record of the proceedings of the Association and shall conduct such other business as is necessary fir the welfare of the association.  The Secretary shall provide minutes of each regular meeting, which shall be available for the inspection of all Directors and representatives of the member communities.  The minutes should state time and location of the next regularly scheduled meeting of the board.  

Duties of the Treasurer:    The Treasurer shall pay all accounts by check countersigned by himself and the President, or one other officer as delegated.  The Treasurer shall keep an accurate and up to date record of all monies received.  This record is to be available for review by representatives of the member communities.  He shall prepare and file, in a timely manner, such annual reports as may be required by federal, state or local authorities.  

Vacancies:    The Directors shall have the authority to fill any vacancies which my occur in the Association except that of Director, which must be filed by the member communities as outlined above.  

Amendments: These bylaws may be amended by a minimum two-thirds majority of the entire Board of Directors.