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Kearsarge Mountain South 2017

General League Rules:
1. Games begin according to the time on the schedule. The home team should warm-up 1/2 hour before the game time. The visiting team, 15 minutes before game time. If a visiting team is more than 15 minutes late without calling, the game is a forfeit. All games for 9 and older age groups shall last no longer than two (2) hours during the regular season. If last game of the day, and there is an agreement prior to the game with the Managers and Umpires, the game can be extended more than the time limit of 2 hours. Everyone needs to be in agreement PRIOR to start of game. If the two (2) hour limit is in use then no new 1/2 inning may start after the two (2) hour time has been reached. The final score reverts back to the last complete inning. There are NO time limits for Playoff Games. Rookie games shall last no longer than one hour and thirty minutes (1 1/2 hours).
2. The home manager and director are responsible for postponing a game for weather conditions at least two hours prior to game time, as a courtesy to the traveling team. Please notify the visiting team in time to allow for travel time.
3. Eight warm-up pitches at the start of the game and for each new pitcher entered into the game. Five warm-up pitches or a maximum of 1 minute for subsequent innings.
4. Hat and shirt are minimum uniform for play; shirts will be tucked in. Players must wear their hats/visors.
5. All additions and subtractions to your roster during the season must be brought to the attention of your director as they occur, but no later than Opening Day. If a child is not listed on your roster, he/she is an ineligible player. If the child is allowed to play, the game will be considered a forfeit. (The real issue is the liability exposure we incur.) Additions during the season must be presented to the KMS board for approval prior to being added to the roster.
6. A team may start a game with a minimum of 8 players. If an injury should reduce the number of players below 8, then successive spots in order will be automatic outs. For 10U softball there is no automatic out if a team starts with 9 players.
8. All offensive players on the field shall wear a batting helmet.
9. A player will be ejected from the game for throwing a bat or helmet after being warned the first time. The ejection will take place on the second offense.
10. The base runner will be called out if the runner does not make an effort to avoid a collision with a fielder making a play.
11. Field or bench chatter toward the opposing team is not allowed. Supporting one's own team or players is encouraged.
12. Position infielders at a safe distance from the batter. A few steps in front of the bases at the most.
14. Tobacco, alcohol, and abusive language are not allowed within the players' bench or anywhere inside the field.
15. Season will end by a specified date prior to playoffs starting. Make up dates should be rescheduled within 2 weeks of a canceled game and prior to the start of playoffs. All make up games must be rescheduled through the home team's town director.
16. Once the game has started, the home plate umpire will postpone or stop play due to weather conditions. DO NOT PLAY IN THREATENING WEATHER CONDITIONS.
17. Only the team players, a maximum of three (3) rostered coaches and one (1) scorekeeper will be allowed to sit on the team benches.
18. Team score books with player’s last name and first initial must be kept, and will be turned in to the president at the end of the season. These are required for all-star games.
19. No limit on practice games. Practice games are independent of league pitching rules.
20. All players must play a minimum of six outs in the field and have one time at bat per game. An at bat for the purpose of minimum playing time is either putting the ball in play, striking out or walking. If a child does not meet the minimum play rule, he/she must start and play the first 4 innings in the next game. The opposing manager should circle the name of that child in the score book so the manager of the next game will know that the child must start the game. During the regular season for 10u and below coaches should allow for equal playing time.
21. Playoff dates will be determined prior to the start of the Season. Playoffs shall be held for the 9 &10 and above age groups in a double elimination format.
22. Seeding of teams will be via random pick before the start of the season.
23. There shall be open All-Star tryouts commencing in May for each age group Boys 9, 10, 11, & 12. Girls 10U, 12U. Each town has the option to make a town 8u All-Star team that will play in scheduled jamborees. See All-Star Selection for how an All-Star team is selected for the other age groups. Players must play for a team based on their age if a team is offered. If a team is not offered they may play in the next older age group.
24. For 11 and older age groups both baseball and softball will adhere to the rule book for the interpretation of the infield fly rule.
25. For 11 and older age groups. Mandatory use of an Extra Hitter (EH) if both teams have at least 10 players during the regular season games. If a team only has 10 players and an injury occurs the 10th spot in the order will not be an automatic out. If only one team has at least 10 players that team has the option to use an EH if both team managers agree prior to the start of the game.

General Base Running Rules:
1. Continuation play for a batter that has walked and is rounding 1st base.
2. Defense cannot block base paths without the ball unless they have control of the ball. This includes the catcher. Coaches should teach catchers to sweep tag runner.
3. SLIDING IS NOT REQUIRED BUT AVOIDING COLLISION IS!! If a defender has the ball in the base path or on a base, the runner must either slide or avoid colliding. If the runner collides, they are called out and warned to avoid collisions.
4. Coaches teach defenders to stay off of the bases if the play is not at that base. If they stay on the bases they are taking away the inside corner of the base which runners use to cut corners. Umpires watch for and advise the coaches on this infraction. 5. Please see Babe Ruth 70' base path rules and 12U baseball league rules.

Baseball League Rules:

Rookie League Rules
Updated 6/8/2017 11:54am

1. Maximum of 4 runs scored per inning. There are no unlimited innings as score is only recorded to keep track of the inning maximum.
2. Maximum twelve (12) players on the field at traditional positions, including catcher and up to six (6) outfielders.
3. All Players bat through the lineup.
4. An inning shall consist of either 3 outs or 4 runs.
5. A pitching machine may be used by the managers or assistant coaches to pitch to his/her team.
6. No stealing.
7. A maximum of a double will be allowed on well-hit ball to the outfield. No advancement on overthrows.
8. A maximum of 5 pitches per batter, whether the pitch is in the strike zone or not. Foul balls count as a pitch. If the last pitch is fouled off the batter shall get another pitch.
9. A RIF #5 (reduced injury) ball must be used.
10. Keep the infielders at a safe distance from the batter. A few steps in front of bases at the most.
11. Games duration will be 90 minutes regardless of number of innings.

10U and 12U Baseball
1. Games are 6 innings.
2. Legal game is four complete innings. No extra innings to break ties during regular season play.
3. A pitcher will be removed from pitching if he has hit a total of 2 batters during a game.
4. No slash bunting. Slash bunting is defined as a player faking a bunt and then swing away. If they do they will be called out. If a player squares to bunt they must bunt or pull the bat back.

League rules which apply for playoffs:
Updated 11:56 am June 6th 2017

1. In order to be eligible for playoffs, players must have played in a minimum of 50% of regular season games. Waivers may be issued by KMS board in the event of injury to a player.
2. Minimum playing time is two (2) complete innings in the field and at least one (1) at bat. If players do not meet this requirement the game will be a forfeit unless mercy rule is in effect for 12u games. For 10u pool play, in addition to the forfeit, the player not receiving the minimum shall start the next game and play 4 innings. In semi finals and finals a forfeit removes that team from contention.
3. Use of the (EH) is allowed and is at the discretion of the Manager. Person in the (EH) position must still field (2) innings in the field but it is not a substitution just a movement of a player to one position to another. If a team only has 10 players and a player is injured, the position of the injured player in the lineup will not be an automatic out. If by injury the number is below 9 then subsequent places in the lineup would be an automatic out.
4. Pitching limits will follow Cal Ripken rules where a pitcher cannot pitch more than 6 innings in two consecutive games. The playoffs are a new start to the pitching limit so the previous regular season games do not count toward the pitching limit. Pitching limits DO NOT reset between pool play and semi finals or finals. Violation of the pitching limitations will result in a forfeit.
5. The run limit per inning for 10U is five runs. The sixth inning and any subsequent inning is unlimited.
For 12U all innings are unlimited run innings. The game will be terminated immediately once becoming regulation (3 ½ or 4 innings) if one team is ahead by ten (10) or more runs and has had equal times at bat, or the home team is leading. The minimum playing time- two (2) complete innings in the field and at least one (1) at bat still applies for all games that are six (6) completed innings, unless the home team leads at the end of 5 ½ innings or the game will be a forfeit. If the Mercy Rule comes into effect and a team has players that have not met the minimum playing time requirement those players must play the first four (4) innings of the next game. It is the coaches’ responsibility to accurately maintain their players’ time on the
field. The official bookkeeper is not responsible for notifying teams that a player has not been granted the required playing time.
6. There are no time limits for playoffs. Unless Mercy Rule is in effect, all games will be played to the full 6 innings or to extra innings if a winner is not determined after the completion of 6 innings (5 -1/2 if home team is leading after the top of the 6th). Games suspended due to weather or darkness will continue from point of discontinuation. In Pool play, a game will be considered complete after 4 innings or 3 1/2 if the home team is ahead, if the games are called due to weather. Any players that had not received the minimum play time will start the next game and play a minimum 4 innings.
7. For 12U there are no balk warnings and balks will be enforced in accordance with Babe Ruth Rules.
8. A game may start with 8 players. If for any reason a team cannot field 8 players for any reason during the game the game will be a forfeit.
9. Tie breaker rules for pool play seeding will be based first on Head to Head record, if still a tie then fewest runs given up, if still tied it will be based on run differential.

10U Baseball

1. A maximum of 4 runs may be scored per team per inning. The 6th inning will be an open run inning.
2. The pitcher is limited to 3 innings per game; 6 innings per week (Monday to Sunday week). See page #9 Baseball Rule Book for additional information.
3. There is no dropped third strike rule. The batter may not advance to first base
4. The league will adhere by Cal Ripken 60ft Baseball Division Special Base Running rule as outlined in 2013 rule book. “Once the catcher has secured the ball and the runner has stopped his forward progress, the runner must immediately return to the base”
5. Throw Down on Steal Attempts Effective until 21st of May.
Objective: To teach catchers and infielders how to play a steal attempt Rule: On all steal attempts of second or third the catcher will make an attempt at throwing out the runner. The runner stealing the base cannot advance another base on the overthrow Note: A player can still steal on each pitch. Only steal attempts will be affected by this rule. Any throws to a base by a fielder in an attempt to pick off a player will be treated as a live ball (no limit on bases).
6. Batting Rule
Goal: To have the players participate from the start of the game. Rule: All players on the team should be placed in the batting order. The players not playing in the fields will be marked in the score book "BP" (bench player). All players who are replaced in the field by a bench player shall remain in the batting order at their original spot.
Exceptions: The coach has the right to bypass this rule for any player in violations of team rules. If a player is unable to continue play (due to illness or injury), their spot in the batting order will be skipped and no penalty will occur to the team (i.e. automatic out).
1. Regular season play: All players will have equal playing time in the field. Free substitutions for fielders will be allowed.
2. The above rule (equal playing time and free substitution) does not apply in the playoffs. Coaches will follow the rule for number of players in the batting order and substitution as set forth in Cal Ripken rule book.

12U Baseball

1. A maximum of 5 runs may be scored per team per inning. The 6th inning will be an open run inning.
2. The pitcher is limited to 3 innings per game; 6 innings per week (Monday to Sunday week). After May 24th a pitcher may pitch 6 innings per game or 6 innings per calendar week.
3. Dropped 3rd strike rule will apply.
4. During the regular season, a pitcher will get a two (2) balk warning per game. After that any balk(s) will be enforced.
5. Rule change for 2014-
A pitcher is to step directly toward a base before throwing to that base, and is required to throw (except to second base) because he steps. It is a balk if, with runners on first and third, the pitcher steps toward third and does not throw, merely to bluff the runner back to third; then seeing the runner on first start for second, turn and step toward and throw to first base. It is legal for a pitcher to feint a throw to second base.